Ghouls Lost Souls🧟  {Week 4: Abomination Detonation} ~ The Fiery Finale Of VAULT-69 ⚡Halloween 4 Part Quest Series – Tuesday 10.26.21~ 3PM EDT W/ Side Quest, Vault Horror Visual Experience💀, Rewards, Surprises, FLAUNT Dancing, Themed Tunes By MommaBear |+ More🎶 

After the Vault dwellers courageously went into the stomach of the giant ghoul beast, planting the bombs and surviving, finding a way out…some even stopping to have sex, the Rebels detonate the quantum bombs and blow the monster in two !! In a fiery finish the main pipeline feeds the fire and it kills off some of the ghouls helpers as the survivors finish off the rest. Will you be alive to tell the tale ? Will you survive to reap the benefits of finishing the quest ? JOIN US on TUESDAY Oct.26 and find out !!

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