Velvet DJ parade for Vince’s birthday – 20/9 6PM

Well someone has birthday today… soooo happy birthday Vince

and we would love you to come to celebrate with us tonight at 6PM CEST

Published by velvetdjs

Nalley and Spike started Velvet as a DJ brand back in late February, Early March 2020 to offer people in 3dx something more unique then what most groups were doing. After a short time he learnt that Nalley also wanted to start a club on 3dx and learn to DJ. They then got together and as well as Spike speaking to other various DJs he had met other the months of playing 3dx Like Eugene, HipFu, NewOne, LilMarie and Nathan who could actually beatmatch and mix live we began to scout 3dx looking for other talent to join us.. Angixoxo a close friend was asked to make a decent room for us and Velvet became a thing. As we started so shall we continue to put on regular clubs on Mondays every single week with events coming soon, Every single DJ in Velvet is a valued member of our team doesn't matter if you are a former pro or just started you are all chosen for a reason from superior track selection to seamless mixing.. You all perform live and we are so proud to have you with us. We want each of you to be as proud to be a member of our elite DJ group and wear the Velvet Tag as we are for having you along side us... I'm sure as time goes on we will be more organised and gather more great DJs along the way..

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