The Matchmaker

Welcome to The Matchmaker, AnonDelivers’ blind date experience for 3DXchat. The room was created to solve one issue; 3DXchat has no blind date feature. The room is a playful solution to that problem in a way that fits the nature of the 3DXchat.

The Matchmaker starts out as a game show where contestants are dropped in a room with a few doors. They must pick one that matches their gender and sexual orientation, for instance, a straight guy goes through the blue door for the straight queue.

What a contestant sees when they first enter The Matchmaker.

After that, visitors are met with a hallway with several “match rooms”. Contestants are instructed to click a big button on a random match room, causing them to sit inside. If they’re lucky, their blind date is sitting right in front of them, or they have to wait a bit for one to come in. Alternatively, they can decide to try their luck in another match room.

It should be noted that contestants are on their honor not to use F5 or “freecam” to cheat and check out who’s occupying the match rooms before they enter. F7 (first person) is the recommended way to play. Contestants are requested to leave the match room once they find a partner so other players can use it. Do not have your blind date in there.

Once two contestants are matched, they are instructed to leave the match room and follow the line into a hole, which drops them into a room where they can meet. Once the new couple is together and perhaps exchanged a hug or a kiss, they are free to do as they please, but it is recommended to follow the lines leading outdoors.

Because what follows is what is called the courtyard. This area is built with the sole purpose of giving the brand new couples the opportunity to have a blind date with relative privacy. There is a number of locations contestants can choose from…

  • The pool
  • A “secret” cave
  • The sauna and its bath
  • A terrace with a view of the ocean
  • Two comfy homes
  • Two private quarters on the balcony

Alternatively, a couple can decide to go and check out one of the many rooms that 3DXchat has to offer, or to simply retreat to their own room for extra privacy. The Matchmaker is a big place, but when it is busy, it is entirely possible it runs out space to offer alone-time to everyone. The courtyard has something for everyone, whether it is places to relax, to swim, have a pint and to have sex in various ways, of course.

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