Aidra’s Sperm Clinic

Open 12pm – 12am (GMT+1)

Aidra Sperm Clinic Rules

  1. Choose A row and get in Line

  2. Do not mistreat Nurses

  3. The first free nurse will take care of you

  4. Lines for Service

  •   Sperm Donations in the Leisure Center

  •   Sperm Donations in the Clinic

  •   Impregnation (Only for Females)

  1. If you want to become one of us sit in the designated area and contact those in Charge

  2. If you want to relax please go to the Bar Area

  3. Remember that this is not a Brothel, but a Clinic and Nurse are Pro in collecting Sperm, they are not Whores

The Staff of Aidra’s Sperm Clinic

are always Glad to help you


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Aidra’s Sperm Clinic @


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